I'm so excited someone's making a documentary about Rock-afire Explosion. For those not familiar with this, before there was Chuck E. Cheese, there was Showbiz Pizza Palace. When Chuck E. Cheese butchered soooo many 80's songs that they ran Showbiz Pizza Palace out of business, they bought the idea for having an animatronic band. But they used to characters, so the original band was kaput.
Some guy decided to buy the original robots, and now he programs them to play current songs like "Neighborhood #1" by Arcade Fire and some shitty song by Lil' Wayne. More importantly, they made a cameo in MGMT's video for "Electric Feel."
Here's the band playing the entire song, and after this is the trailer for the upcoming documentary, "The Rock-afire Explosion Movie."

P.S. I remember the first time I went to Chuck E. Cheese. I went to one of those Montessori schools when I was in kindergarden, and I had this friend Kendel who's parents were loaded. Her mom payed for twenty of Kendel's friends, including myself, to have a birthday party at this place. All I really remember is her and I looking out for people who worked there, and then sneaking up on the stage with the animatronic animals and trying to play their instruments. They didn't work. But it was fun. Maybe that's why I'm so excited about this?

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