Found Magazine: Best time waster ever.

If you haven't heard of foundmagazine.com, I pity you. Have you ever walked down the street and looked down and there was a random, crumpled, torn paper sitting on the ground? Did you pick it up and read it and wonder, "What's this all about?" Next time it happens, send it to Found Magazine. These people compile whole magazines of random notes, letters, photos, drawings, rants, etc. and present them on their website. I love random anything, so I absolutely love this website. I discovered it when I was in a creative writing class, and for our fiction project, my teacher brought up a couple letters from the website and let us brainstorm about what the letters about, who the characters are, why they wrote it, whatever. It's great to read when your bored.

Here are some favorites:

Who doesn't?

The name of this is "UK Party" which I assume means UK parties are bad? I'm sure many people would beg to differ. Still awkward though.

Each one of us wrote one of these letters when we were 6. I think I "ran away" like 4 times as a child, which means walking towards the door, giving a last speech on how I'm not coming back, and then crying and running to my room.

Just... weird. But I like it somehow. 

And for the adults in us, I present Dirty Found. Can be very NSFW:


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