Remember: OutKast - Roses

This song came out while I was in the 8th grade. 8TH GRADE. And if it just came out it would still be fresh by today's standards. The video was pretty exciting for me. I liked it and I still do. Paula Abdul makes a cameo (I think it's considered a cameo, does the person have to play themselves to make it a cameo, or do they just have to make a small appearance?) and Fonzworth Bentley makes an appearance before he dropped off the face of the Earth (does anyone know what happened to him? I remember he was first P. Diddy's umbrella bitch, then started hanging out with OutKast, and now he's dead, I presume? At least publicly dead). 
I've never been 100 percent sure what the song's really trying to say, but I presume it's saying just because you're pretty on the outside doesn't make you pretty on the inside (correct me if I'm wrong). Caroline's certainly a bitch, from what I've heard (slut). 
Ah, the 8th grade. That was a real fun year. The only thing about school that I remember is goofing off A LOT. Just because my teachers let me. That year I finally had male teachers (both of them were smoking hot too) and it was also the last year I had Mr. Nacy for my orchestra teacher. He was my favorite teacher EVER. He would scream at us a lot in class but it made us work hard. Then he would tell funny jokes later. A lot of times we would never play because he'd get caught up talking about something the entire class. I remember he got an iPod when they were practically new, and brought it into class and let us listen to it. That was so cool back then, now it's culturally second nature.
ENOUGH of that rambling. Onto the music.
I'm usually not a fan of rap (besides MFDOOM), but OutKast has always been a little ahead of the rest, and I like them.
Unfortunately, due to the dick bags at BMG, I can't embed their video on here, but I can at least give you the link, so click on it to refresh 2004 memories:

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