Weird... too weird even for me.

Has anyone heard of this band Antony and the Johnsons? The other day I was DJing as usual and setting up my show and I grabbed this CD, Another World, and since I hadn't heard of it before I decided to pick a random track and play it. I choose "Shake That Devil" to play, and then when I started playing it on the air, I was like, "WTF?" (Sorry I'm getting all valley girl on ya'll). I was afraid listeners would come to the station and burn it down or something. I'm not saying the song was completely horrible, but not something very popular for an early Monday morning.

And also, did you get a look at this guy? On wikipedia, it says he's "intersex," which supposidly means he's... both? I think.

Now here he kind of looks manly...ish.


But here he's more fem.


Oh, and here's the album cover for Another World. Still freaks me out.


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