Winter Playlist 2008

This is what I'm currently listening to the most this winter season:
1. "Angel In The Snow" - Elliot Smith

- If the title doesn't give away why I'm listening to it now, then I guess you have no brain.
2. "Once Upon A Time" - Air
- I just happened to be listening to this randomly while the first snow fell this season, and that just did it for me.

3. "RoyGBiv" - Boards of Canada
- This song is so cheerful, so it's helped me fight the winter blues.

4. "Olympic Airwaves" - Foals
- The video for this song is so summery, so it reminds me of warm memories

5. "Kevatrumpu" - Paavoharju
- Anything from Finland is going to be wintery. It's like, cold up there all the time. 
6. "White As Diamonds" - Alela Diane
- This artist actually wrote this song about snow. So it's fitting.

7. "Collapsing At Your Doorstep" - Air France
- Not only is this a good song, but it just gives me a snowy-white feeling.

8. "Smokey Fire ( Arcade Fire vs. Smokey Robinson)" - Team 9 vs. Stereogum
- "Ocean of Noise" is a mystical song by itself, but adding Robinson's voice is beautifully haunting.
9. "Power To Believe" - The Dream Academy
- I had to have some new wave on this list. It felt right.

10. "Veronica's Veil" - Fan Death
- Disco to keep me groovin'. It's not really wintery but who cares.

11. "Swissex Lover" - Fight Bite
- Light voices like light snow.

12. "He Doesn't Know Why" - Fleet Foxes
- This is not only one of my favorite songs of the year, but anything my Fleet Foxes is somewhat snowy.

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