Festivus Grievance #1: VH1's number one hard rock song

Hopefully I'm not the only one who devoted some time this weekend to watch VH1 to see the 100 greatest hard rock songs, 'cause then I'd feel lame. But anyway, I did, and I was proud I could pay enough attention to get the the last five song. My brother and I were making bets about the number one song, and we were both sure it would be "Iron Man." So we both bet for the same song, so we agreed if we lost we would just have to burn the money (since we were 99.99% sure we were right.) And then they told us "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N' Roses was number one, and both our jaws' dropped. Seriously, VH1? Seriously. I guess it's a good song, I don't really listen to hard rock (it's depends on who I'm hanging out with at the time.) but I've heard enough of it to understand what the genre is, and THAT should not be number one. I don't even think "Iron Man" was on the list(I actually hate that song, but it probably deserved a spot). Dumb.
P.S. We did not actually burn our money in the end. We're not that stupid.

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