Kevin Trudeau thinks we're all a bunch of retards.

When I was in middle school and for about half of high school, I had this best friend who lived in town, and I was always over at her house. Her dad was real nice, but he may be the biggest schmuck I've ever met, because when Kevin Trudeau came out with his book about how the pharmaceutical are trying to rob everyone, he totally bought into it and got the book. And I remember him always lecturing me on how I shouldn't go to the doctor, shouldn't take medicine my doctor prescribed me, blah blah fucking blah. Once I actually got old enough to notice that something was fishy here, I researched this guy, and it turns out he the biggest loser on the planet. He's been in jail several times for stealing money off of other people's credit cards and coming up with these ridiculous schemes to make money and to sucker people into it. 
Everything Is Terrible finally posted an infomercial he did a long time ago, and if you watch it, it sounds like the most terrible business plan ever. But it's OK, because he makes it really simple so ignorant, naive viewers will be ooohed and ahhed by this Microsoft paint diagram.

What a fucking loser. I hope he rots in hell. Well, at least there's someone there to make him sit though a 3 hour seminar to get you to try and buy something. Yeah, that's better.

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