"Roxanne" by Microsoft Songsmith?

I think everyone should just agree that Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple with "cool" and pretty much useless features on their OS. So they came out with this "songsmith" program that makes background midi music crap to go along with whatever you're humming. It's horrible. I hate it. It's pointless and doesn't even do a great job. Here's an example:

Doesn't this sound NOTHING like the song "Roxanne," or am I just not getting it. Because if I'm not, please tell me. but I'm pretty sure I'm right. And someone also tried to recreate Oasis's "Wonderwall," which I must admit, would be an interesting "remix" if it was created by a human, not a Microsoft robot. And it's still not good. Horrible. Makes me laugh a little actually, and die a little inside.

Via: Best Week Ever

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