80's date rape for douchebags

This is a pure gem of horrible... everything. This video gives tips (are they good tips? No.) on how to pick up women and what impresses women, and it's just a big mess of bad acting and awkwardness.

A good place to meet women is in the woods? Seriously? I hope they were at least semi-joking about that or that they really meant on a camping trip or a bar in... the woods. Otherwise this is targeting really creeps. Is this produced my Ted Bundy?
And going for a feel in the middle of a restaurant? Why don't you just fuck her on the table for everyone to see? 

Look at this guy from the introduction. I don't think he knows what sex is. He looks scared to death:


And this woman on the left is obviously creeped out by the guy standing in the middle. I don't even think he was invited to be part of the video, he just moseyed on up to see what was going on and to try to convince those women to meet him at a bar in the woods.

This whole video is just wrong on so many levels.
Via: Videogum

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