Tim and Eric Review, Awesome Show!

I've decided to start reviewing each episode of Tim and Eric as it comes out (even though I suspect this will be their last season because they seen to have several other projects coming up) since my friend and I do it anyway (we're very critical/obsessed). 
This weekend, "Balls" premiered as the second episode of this fourth ("quad") season. And I think it should be mentioned that it seems that the first episode of each season is always the weakest (except for maybe the second season), so I was expecting this to be better than last week, and it was.
It started out with this segment, "Pick The Nipple," which I thought was kind of gross, but I totally understand why it's in the show.

Doesn't that background music creep anyone out other than me? Anyway, whatever, it was my least favorite part of the show.

Then we learn that Eric had a third ball ("3-T Scroat") attacked to his body, for "pizzaz" and other side-effects. I love how jumbled this segment is, thanks to Doug's editing, which is always amazing and amusing

Then came the Cinco Urinal Shower. I saw this at the show, and I thought it was pretty good. Borderline poop humor, and I gotta love the janitor. He does a little rap in there which is so good, but otherwise this is alright.

This next part, Whoopsie Daisy, was probably my favorite part from the episode. I love how it's making fun of shows like "Candid Camera" or "Howie Do It." You know, those shows with their punchy sound effects and "let's-see-that-again-36-times." I wish they would have replayed some of those falls even more, although I guess eventually enough is enough.

This segment shows a little of Tim and Eric's actual, non-edited humor without special effects. It's not hilarious, but I enjoy seeing this.

This song was OK, but the best part was the before and after pictures. That made me laugh more than anything, for some reason.

This just shows how cooky and weird some of the horrible actors they put on their show really are. I didn't realize this until I met David Liebe Hart. Weird experience, but anyway.

Finally, Eric gets rid of his third ball through "the power of lamaze." You'd think they were gay with each other off the set if you didn't know Tim and Eric's history with each other. They get in some very interesting positions.

Overall, I'd give this episode a B. It was alright, there were a couple funny moments, but I'm definitely missing their really great stuff.

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