Tim and Eric Review, Awesome Show!

Ah... this episode is sooo refreshing, since it's actually funny for once. So excited to see this last Sunday. The episode's called "Universe," with a running story of Tim and Eric as scientists (?) talking about the universe, of course, and its amazingness.

This was my least favorite part of the episode. I like the idea of the celebrity impersonators (reminds me of how everything is kind of just a little off on this show, which is what makes it so great).

Don't tell me you haven't seen a science show once before and though, wow, these people are just pulling these comparisons out of their ass. Exactly. And easily the best universe section of the show.

Final rating: I'd give this a A. Not perfect enough for an A+, but definitely of my favorite episodes in a long time.

I hope they keep this idea running. I love Dunn and his mispronunciations. And DLH talking about oral sex.

I saw this at the show. Pretty funny, but now it's getting a little old.

Who knew women were dark and massive? 

I saw this at the show too, but this never gets old. Favorite line: "I'm not gonna feed you to my family!"

Ehh. Whatever.

Kind of awkward. But it's pretty reasonable that Eric would have that reactive to thinking about the universe.

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