Trailer for "Year One" looks historically accurate.

Well, not really. I always find it funny how people make fun of cavemen, and then it seems like every time I mention cavemen (I mean Neanderthals) I get scolded because I'm being too "biased" and insensitive (even when I don't make a joke). So I love that I can finally laugh at "primitive" humans and can get away with it (I don't expect to see any of my professors in the theater. It's probably too "low-brow" for them. That's an anthropology joke. Never mind).

The first part of this trailer just makes me laugh for the reason that Michael Cera with long hair and that expression on his face is just great. Forget Jack Black, just make a movie of Michael Cera with long hair walking around the woods in 1 A.D. Oh, and also keep Paul Rudd in there for any sex scenes. Not with Michael Cera though.

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