Foreign pop music has the funniest lyrics, or maybe the smartest?

Last Saturday night (actually Sunday morning) a couple of my friends and I stayed up until about 5 am, but in the process we caught this cable TV show on some channel I've never heard of, and it was like TRL for foreign music. There were videos from Greece, Mexico, and my favorite, India. The lyrics were posted in english near the bottom of the screen, and I noticed how... old they sounded. Like something about blowing in a conch shell, and the glistening of your earring like the rising sun, and some other stuff like that. Also, the story line of the video is that a man and woman are in love, and later the woman discovers she has HIV. So, whatever that has to do with a conch shell, I have no idea.
I only mention it because a.) It's funny, and b.) Flight of the Conchordes did this video in one of their newest episodes, making fun of Karaoke, but it's in Korean, and the english lyrics are exactly what I'm talking about. But then again, are the lyrics to pop music in America just stupid? Have we begun to lose ourselves in words like "Baby" and "love" "wazzupwichu? (horrible song by Eddie Murphy and the king of pop and facial deformation, Michael Jackson)" Maybe conch shells are more useful than we think?

Via: Videogum

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