Hypnosis for pervs

I'm telling you, I'm so glad I wasn't the age I am now during the '80s to mid '90s. I've seen a bunch of horrible "how to pick up women" videos on Everything Is Terrible (like the one where men use magic tricks that I posted a while back), and they're all from that time period. I'm not saying there aren't pervs today, but I think these DYI videos are out of fashion.
This one is probably the worst in terms of creeper-ness. The guy finds a hypnosis victim and then gets her to have sex with him. Oh, it's important to know she's imagining herself having sex with a statue, not the guy who forced himself upon her.

The narrator of this is probably the worst person ever:


I can hear him now, in a creepy Bela Lugosi voice: "Pull da strings! PULL DA STRINGS!"

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