Can you make cat food in there too?

Pretty sure this is the saddest thing I've even seen. And I've seen that ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclachlan a lot!

From what I understand (via VH1), the 80's were all about convenience. And speed. Not speed like the drug. More like speed like cocaine. Lots of cocaine! And Member's Only jackets. And microwaves. People baked cakes in microwaves, not just Hot Pockets and aluminum foil (NOTE: Don't do that. I won't be responsible for another dorm fire)! Apparently, according to this lady, if you're living alone you have no time for ovens are stoves. Don't even buy one! You're too busy to maintain it! Just buy a microwave as big as your car, that's all you need to cook biscuits and bacon and eggs and strawberry jam (yes, strawberry jam).
Don't forget the salt that you like so much on your eggs (that you eat alone):

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