Body Worlds: Eww.

I saw Body Worlds this past summer at the Science Center in St. Louis, and I thought it was awesome. Not just the gross out factor, but I got to see body parts and bones that really look nothing like the drawings in my zoology text book (Do they ever look real?). I remember at the exhibit there was a skinned camel and its brood, which was probably the most disturbing part of it ( The aborted babies weren't even that bad) because I have a soft spot for animals. 
So, to my horror this morning, I saw this on bestweekever.tv:


Reindeer?!?! Dr. Gunther von Hagens just ruined Christmas for about 100,000 people who will view this picture! Including myself!
Wouldn't that me a demented Santa? If he was skinned too? Narsty!

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