Leeds won't be beat at being a creep.

I guess this commercial is popular in the L.A. area, even though I don't really see why, but anyway the guy in it is Neil Leeds who owns this mattress store and his catchphrase is "I won't be beat!" But now he's a lot more funny because he's being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee. Supposedly, he kept asking her out and kissing her, and then when he still didn't get a clue, he starting texting her for "sexual favors." Gross.

This reminds me of a digital short I saw on SNL once, which parodies those videos you have to watch when you start a new job about sexual harassment. Except it makes an exceptional point: If you're being sexually harassed by a guy who's attractive, it's not sexual harassment. It's a horrible thing to say but it's so true.

Via: TMZ

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