Giantess: Somewhat pop that I actually somwhat like

I'm not really a fan of the pop genre, unless some song has a infectious sick beat( I admit, I liked Britney Spears' "Gimme More" even though at the time she was a popfreak trainwreck, which just goes to show that her songs are not created by her, but someone who's not completely bat-shit crazy, but then again, I digress as always). ANYWAYZZZ, I've recently heard a few tracks from the band Giantess, which is like if you took Daft Punk, gave them some acid, then they met up with some generic pop muzak wannabees, and this is what they'd poop out. They don't have any videos up on youtube at the present time, but you can check out their myspace page, and also Neongold's blog for a free sampling:



P.S. Neongold Record's blog has the leg-up on all things fucking amazing. Especially electronic/techno stuff. Check them out on my blog roll.

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