No, it's not strange wearing a Bluetooth in class anymore.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with infomercials. They're so overly acted, awkward, exaggerated, and you can just see the dying souls of the hosts behind their eyes. But I digress. I remember seeing a commercial a year or two ago for this "Listen Up" device that lets your hearing become supersonic or something like that, but you can use it to listen to the TV instead of turning it up and then getting yelled at by your bitch wife because she's not deaf yet like you. Or spy on the neighbors while you check your mail. Or my favorite, keep tabs on the kids by using it to listen for them and then not watching your kids. Now, this isn't technically an informercial, but it really feels like one with the qualifications I listen above.
Now they're back with basically the same thing, but now it's bluetooth-shaped, so you can still spy on your neighbors, neglect your children, and watch TV at it's lowest volume, and there's not that awkward I'm-not-talking-to-you-I'm-on-my-bluetooth moment. You know, because it's not a bluetooth, it's an oversized cheap hearing aid.

Via: Videogum

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