Jan Terri - "Losing You"

I'm sure EVERYONE knows about this video, and how horrible it is. I learned about it earlier this year as it made its way through all the pop culture blogs. I wouldn't post it now but it remains one of my favorite crappy music videos of all time (other than "Average Homeboy").
I've heard this lady is really popular in Chicago and I guess her fans are real defensive about her videos. You know, maybe because she couldn't afford all that fancy equipment and cameras to make a decent music video. But even if she had that if wouldn't make up for her horrible acting and that weird guy on the motorcycle (creeper alert). She has a bunch of other horrible videos, like one about aliens or something, which you already know is going to be great because there's got to be some special effects in there via 1981 (there is). But I'm not going to post them here.

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