Grizzly Bear sing " The Knife" acapella, my brain explodes

Not really, but it might as well. I love this band to death. They have a new album coming out this year and when it does you probably won't see me for a week because I'll be holed up in my dorm listening to it non-stop. They've kind of leaked a couple new songs that are fucking a-ma-zing. 
Anyway, La Blogotheque followed them around Paris in 2006 and got this little gem of Grizzly Bear singing " The Knife" acapella as they walk in the city. Yeah, it's not the best acapella but it's them so it doesn't matter how much they suck, they're still amazing because that song is amazing and now I'm starting to sound like Kanye West with long run on sentences but without caps.

Here's the original video for the song, which is the most avant-garde thing I've seen in a while, and it's still one for my favorite music videos ever:

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