My favorite Craigslist post: CATBUS

I ran across this a while back, I think during the summer, on the best of craigslist. It's an ad to sell this bus that's decorated like a cat. 


And this picture is hilarious:


I love the excuse he gives for it being $2900: "It's really furry and sometimes people get sick on it." What does that even mean? If it's not furry, does that lower the value? Raise it? And why are people getting sick on it? Car sickness? Allergic to fur?

The voice that the ad is written in it really funny for some reason too. Like the guy selling it is just being brutally honest with everyone about the CATBUS, like he's standing right in front of me telling me about how he ended up with a bus that looks like a cat. I seriously laughed after seeing this for about 30 minutes straight. 

Oh, and P.S. "The steering wheel has a cat on it." That's... important.

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